Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Violah's Teeth

This is the sort of true story of Anna and her tooth accident.  I left this as she wrote it, with a couple minor spelling changes so it's still readable.  Notes to follow to clarify what she was mistaken about, LOL.

~Becca, AKA Mom~

In the city of Colorado Springs, a nine year old girl named Violah played outside.  She was at her babysitter's house playing a director movie game with her younger brother and his friends James, Matthew, and Brandon.

Violah was about to say, "Action!" when Brandon fired her.  He said that she was too bossy.  Violah didn't mean to be bossy, it just happened sometimes.  So being an "unemployed" girl, she went to ride her scooter.

All was well until she fell.  She felt her teeth that had hit the concrete when she fell.  She felt them a second time in disbelief.  Then burst into tears.  Violah picked up her tooth and ran into the babysitter's house, where, luckly, her mom was.

"We need to go home now," Sobbed Violah.

"Why?" Requested her mother.

"My tooth,"  Voilah said pointing at her tooth and handing the part she had picked up to her mother.

"Andrew," shouted Mom.  "Andrew come here right now."  Andrew, Violah's little brother, walked in.

"What happened to her?"  He asked horrified.

"What did happen Violah?" inquired her mother.

"I don't know, I was riding my scooter and next thing I know, my face is on the concrete." Violah managed to reply in between sobs.

"Oh, sweetie, it must hurt a lot,"  Violah's mother said, giving her a comforting hug.

On the way to the dentist, Violah discovered her lip was bleeding.  "Could I look at it?" Andrew asked for the 18th time.

"No, for the last time," Violah said angrily.  By that time, Mom was voicemailing the dentist.

"We'll wait for him to call and try to get a hold of somebody else," Mom said.

After about twenty minutes of calling, yelling, and screaming, Violah was finally off to to Urgent Care.  Mom had told her and Andrew that they were supposed to meet their dad.

After some waiting, hurting, and more waiting, a nurse finally called, "Violah."  As they walked to a room for Violah to be treated, the nurse asked what had happened.

Mom simply replied, "We don't know."

Violah quietly drew on the chalkboard wall.  Her brother played the new video game that had come out a couple of days earlier, and their parents sat waiting for the doctor.

When she arrived she did a search in her mouth and gave her antibiotics to last her the night.  Violah ate dinner and went to bed peacefully.

When she woke she watched television as her mother frantically called to make Violah an appointment.  When she finally made one it was time for them to leave.

At the dentist Violah found out she was at the wrong office.  She and her mother dashed to the car to make it on time.  Luckily Violah's mother wasn't the type to be late for anything and they arrived just in time.

Violah watched Gnomeo and Juliet while the dentist operated.  When they finished, Violah was surprised at how painless the operation was.  The dentist said she had to be careful about what she ate and to stay away from scooters a while.  Violah listened and grew up to be a healthy happy person.


Mom's notes:

Dentist #1 never called back.  Irritated.  Urgent Care gave her narcotics for the pain, to get through the night, not antibiotics...  Also, lol, I never simply said, "I don't know."  Probably started the sentence that way and she didn't hear the rest.  Funny kid.

When we finally got to the correct dentist office (too many calls made, confusion set in about where we were supposed to be!), they did X-rays to be sure the teeth weren't damaged more than we could see, and all was well.

Anna ended up getting large fillings.  We avoided root canals, caps, and crowns, which was miraculous!  She has a follow-up appointment next week to be sure things are healing well.  :)

Pics, if you are curious, can be found here:  Mom's Healthy Blog (Yoga, juicing, etc)

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