Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Tiny Family

Once upon a time, there lived a very teeny tiny girl named Kaylee. She had a teeny teeny baby brother named James, and a teeny tiny little mom, and a teeny tiny dad.

Kaylee was so so tiny that she could fit under a rock and still stand up! Kaylee saw the big woods and she decided to go inside, but she wanted to sneak and go without her parents noticing. Her baby brother said, "I wanna come too!"

But Kaylee said, "No! You're too little!" So she went off by herself and found goblins! The goblins were huge!! They could smash her teeny tiny head and she was worried so she hid inside a flower. The goblin leaned in close and saw her! She was so scared she could not move! The goblin reached down with its great big hand and picked her up! She was so scared that she did not make a sound.

She had read about goblins and knew that goblins had green skin, but this goblin did not have green skin! Maybe it was not a goblin at all! She said, "Hello?" In her teeny tiny voice.

The goblin said, "Hello!" back to her in a great big voice. Goblins did not talk either. "What are you?" The goblin asked.

"I'm a fairy, silly!" She giggled. "What kind of a goblin are you?" She asked.

"I'm a person, not a goblin! Goblins are scary! I'm not scary, I'm nice!" Said the girl.

Kaylee and the girl, Ashley became best friends. Kaylee went to the woods every day to meet Ashley and play.

And they lived happily ever after.

The end!

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